A Center for Healing

Through Listening and Music

In Nature

Five Ways to Experience The LEAF (Listening Environmental Arts Forum)

Sequentially Viewed As a Sculpture, Concert Hall, Chautauqua, Listening Atrium, and Progressive Theatre


Sculpture Name: Leaf on Water and Sandstone
(Presented by The Cleveland Metroparks)

1) Leaf on Water and Sandstone is a sculpture meant to honor the Metroparks and its role in nurturing the soul of Northeast Ohio.  In that light, The LEAF is intended to be the “crown jewel” of The Emerald Necklace.


Concert Hall Name: The Bruce Springsteen Concert Hall
(Presented by Baldwin Wallace University)

2) The LEAF is a cultural center in Southwest Cleveland that serves as a living, breathing educational experience. Through a partnership with Baldwin Wallace University, The John Baldwin Concert Stage at The Bruce Springsteen Concert Hall presents events that promote civility, sustainability, and peace through listening in music and nature.





Chautauqua Name: The Berea Triangle
(Presented by The City of Berea)

3) The LEAF is a Chautauqua that connects the resources of the City of Berea, The Cleveland Metroparks, and Baldwin Wallace University with surrounding hotels, businesses, restaurants, Hopkins Airport, Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, and the I-X Center to offer year-round opportunities for conventions, workshops, and retreats.

The primary campus for the Berea Triangle Chautauqua includes Coe Lake (amphitheater and meditation trails), BW (classrooms, rec center, dormitories), and The LEAF (Concert Hall, Listening Atrium, and all Metroparks assets).


Atrium Name: Cleveland Rocks Listening Center
(Presented by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

4) The atrium to The LEAF is home to the Cleveland Rocks Listening Center. This lobby/atrium is intended to serve as an interactive space aimed at “facilitating listening through music and nature.” The visual aesthetic will honor the water and sandstone that gave rise to the quarries on which The LEAF was built. The interactive listening centers will be an educational resource for the development of listening in our community. Modeled after the interactive space in the Cleveland Museum of Art, each “listening station” will be curated to be an “ears-on” experience that engages the listener in unique and captivating ways.


Cultural Name: The LEAF (Listening Environmental Arts Forum)
A Progressive Theatre
(Presented by Progressive Insurance)

5) The LEAF is a Progressive Theatre, thus, all public performances have no required admission charge. Rather, patrons are asked to make a donation to The LEAF that is commensurate with their financial capacity. The intention behind this Progressive approach is to honor the spirit of John Baldwin and The Cleveland Metroparks by creating a democratic space where socio-economic status does not prohibit meaningful cultural experiences.



“Come As You Are” is a central motto for The LEAF. Simultaneously, the Come As You Are mission of The LEAF is both a spiritual request and a fashion statement. Accordingly, The LEAF encourages its community to use the space with reverence, while dressing in an attire we call: Metroparks Casual.


Metroparks Casual is defined by each guest as the attire that would best facilitate their listening, comfort, and communion with music in nature. The LEAF, therefore, presents world-class artistic experiences for no required cost with all participants dressed to their own level of comfort.


It is through a symbiotic and long-term relationship with its listeners that The LEAF intends to nurture better listening in our society. Accordingly, this Center for Healing aims to play a measurable role in helping to heal our democracy and civil discourse through listening in music in nature.


Come As You Are


Listen in Peace


*All photos by Jim Szudy/440 Photography