Funding & Support


Progressive Funding for The LEAF


The LEAF is a Progressive Theatre, thus, all performances have no required admission charge. Rather, patrons are asked to make a donation to The LEAF at a rate that is commensurate with their financial capacity.

These donations will be used to support the mission of The LEAF by helping to assuage presentation costs and create an endowment. Once the endowment is fully funded, donations will be spread evenly between the performing artists, The Cleveland Metroparks, Baldwin Wallace University, and the City of Berea.

By the time The LEAF is built, it will have secured 20% of its endowment. In the lobby there will be a “fundraising thermometer” that will track the journey to full endowment.

The current level of endowment will represent the percentage of seats capable of being offered with a donation of one’s choosing. For example, with a 20% endowment, one out of every five seats sold will be offered as a “Progressive Ticket” (a ticket at a donation of one’s choosing). As the endowment grows, so too will the percentage of Progressive Tickets allotted.

The Progressive mission of The LEAF is intended to honor the spirit of John Baldwin and The Cleveland Metroparks by creating a democratic space where socio-economic status does not prohibit meaningful cultural experiences.

The LEAF would not be possible without the continued generous primary benefactor and namesake, Progressive Insurance.

Funding and Supporting The LEAF